Spin dynamics in confined magnetic structures/ 1 by Hillebrands B., Ounadjela K. (eds.)

Spin dynamics in confined magnetic structures/ 1 by Hillebrands B., Ounadjela K. (eds.)

By Hillebrands B., Ounadjela K. (eds.)

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Rado, H. ): A Treatise on Magnetism III (Academic, New York 1963) pp. 415–464 N. L. Schryer, L. R. Walker: The motion of 180◦ domain walls in uniform dc magnetic fields, J. Appl. Phys. 45, 5406 (1974) 9 11. M. Bauer, R. Lopusnik, J. Fassbender, B. Hillebrands: Suppression of magneticfield pulse-induced magnetization precession by pulse tailoring, Appl. Phys. Lett. 76, 2758 (2000) 12 ¨ 12. W. D¨ oring: Uber die Tr¨ agheit der W¨ ande zwischen Weißschen Bezirken (On the inertia of walls between Weiss domains), Z.

Thus, the curvatures are not independent as (64) would let us think, and it is now simpler to discuss the solutions of (66) in terms of the single variable λ. For stable magnetization, the product of the roots of (66) is positive, and the sum negative. The discriminant can, however, be of both signs. The negative sign is obtained if the damping parameter α is zero. One finds readily that the discriminant is zero on the stable part at √ 1 + α2 − 1 λ = λ∗ = λ+ + (λ+ − λ− ) . (68) 2 Between λ+ and λ∗ , the magnetization returns to equilibrium without oscillating, but from (68), this region is very narrow if the damping constant is small.

The spatial distribution is now measured by scanning the laser beam across the sample by using a motorized sample mount. Spinwaves are effectively excited in a wave vector interval |k| < 200 rad/cm, with the upper bound imposed by the width of the antenna. Thus the light scattered the forward direction is investigated to achieve a high sensitivity in this lowwave vector regime. , mass spectroscopy. The complete setup is shown in Fig. 4. A tandem Fabry–P´erot interferometer in multipass configuration is used as the frequency-resolving Nonlinear Spinwaves in 1- and 2-Dimensional Magnetic Waveguides 47 Fig.

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