Experimental and Numerical Study of Dynamics of Premixed by Huahua Xiao

Experimental and Numerical Study of Dynamics of Premixed by Huahua Xiao

By Huahua Xiao

This thesis deals very important new insights into and a deeper figuring out of premixed flame instabilities and hydrogen defense. additional, it explains the underlying mechanisms that keep watch over the combustion techniques in tubes. The author’s past clinical accomplishments, which come with a sequence of high quality courses within the most sensible journals in our box, Combustion and Flame and overseas magazine of warmth and Mass Transfer, are very notable and feature already made an important contribution to combustion science.

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The interaction between flame and flow turbulence mainly depends on the length and time scales of both the flame and turbulence. The length scale of a flame can be characterized by laminar flame thickness dL , while the time scale can be defined as the ratio of laminar flame thickness to laminar burning velocity sL ¼ dL =SL . It is known that the length scale and time scale of turbulence are distributed continuously in the flow field. Turbulent flows can be viewed as an entire hierarchy of eddies over a wide range of length scales and time scales.

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