Deutschlands beste Rezepte GERMAN by unknown

Deutschlands beste Rezepte GERMAN by unknown

By unknown

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So muses Joseph Conrad’s narrator, Marlow, in chapter 22 of his novel Lord Jim. Lord Jim himself was to add his bones to the rest, in his dark, doomed corner of the East, where some earlier adventurer had decided the soil was right for a pepper plantation. And all that grief and blood for a few handfuls of what, in Conrad’s time as in our own, was often nothing more than a powdered condiment to be found on every table, to be flicked carelessly on every humdrum meal. What in the world, Conrad or you or I might wonder, could be so extraordinary about pepper that men willingly died for it?

In the traditional growing areas of the Malabar Coast and Sumatra, production is generally in small family plots. Each of the four main producing nations - Malaysia, Brazil, India, Indonesia - exports from 30,000 to 50,000 tons of pepper a year. Together with Sri Lanka and Vietnam, they have formed an International Pepper Community, which is responsible for virtually all of the world’s commercial output, and which has periodic visions of making fortunes for itself the way OPEC did. The visions are idle: No one has ever succeeded in establishing a pepper monopoly; the last one who made the attempt was an English speculator who tried to corner the market in the late 1930s.

When they learned that pepper grew in India, they discovered how to use the monsoon winds to sail regularly back and forth between the Red Sea ports and the Malabar coast ports like Muziris, and it became one of their principal trade routes. ” The duty levied on that pepper in the customhouses of Alexandria was one of the mainstays of the Imperial budget. And all that gold flowing to Muziris and the other ports of India deepened the deficit in the balance of payments, which, according to one school of modern historians, led to the financial crisis that helped destroy the Roman Empire, like the one that helped destroy the Soviet Empire a millennium and a half later.

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