DB2 developer's guide by Craig Mullins

DB2 developer's guide by Craig Mullins

By Craig Mullins

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DB2(R) Universal Database V8 Application Development Certification Guide

I purchased this ebook since it used to be on a advised studying record for numerous DB2 UDB Certifications. I had already had good fortune with of the opposite suggestions so i thought this may be worthwhile in addition. i could not were extra improper. After studying Sanders DB2 examine advisor for the basics (Test #700) and passing the examination, the applying Developer was once the following logical step.

Fast SOA

With no the precise controls to control SOA improvement, the ideal set of instruments to construct SOA, and the precise aid of interesting new protocols and styles, your SOA efforts can lead to software program that promises just one. five transactions consistent with moment (TPS) on pricey smooth servers. it is a catastrophe companies, firms, or associations keep away from through the use of Frank Cohen's FastSOA styles, try out technique, and structure.

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In today’s IT association replication turns into increasingly more a necessary know-how. This makes software program AG’s occasion Replicator for Adabas an enormous a part of your information processing. atmosphere definitely the right parameters and setting up the easiest community communique, in addition to choosing the effective aim elements, is vital for effectively imposing replication.

The DATA Bonanza: Improving Knowledge Discovery in Science, Engineering, and Business

Whole information for getting to know the instruments and strategies of the electronic revolutionWith the electronic revolution commencing up great possibilities in lots of fields, there's a turning out to be desire for knowledgeable execs who can increase data-intensive structures and extract details and data from them. This ebook frames for the 1st time a brand new systematic procedure for tackling the demanding situations of data-intensive computing, supplying selection makers and technical specialists alike with functional instruments for facing our exploding info collections.

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EXEC SQL OPEN CSR1 END-EXEC. CLOSE-CSR. EXEC SQL CLOSE CSR1 OPEN & CLOSE CURSOR STATEMENTS END-EXEC. To embed static SQL in a host program, you must prepare for the impedance mismatch between a highlevel language and SQL. Impedance mismatch refers to the difference between set-at-a-time processing and record-at-a-time processing. High-level languages access data one record at a time, whereas SQL accesses data at a set level. Although DB2 always accesses data at the set level, the host program uses a structure called a cursor to access the set-level data one row at a time.

As a general rule, updating the DB2 Catalog outside the jurisdiction of RUNSTATS should be considered only as a last resort. If SQL is used to update DB2 Catalog statistics, be sure to record and maintain the following information: ƒ The reason for the DB2 Catalog updates ƒ A description of the updates applied: Applied once; RUNSTATS never run again Applied initially; RUNSTATS run without reapplying updates Applied initially; RUNSTATS run and updates immediately reapplied ƒ The version and release of DB2 when the updates were first applied ƒ The SQL UPDATE and INSERT statements used to modify the DB2 Catalog ƒ A report of the DB2 Catalog statistics overlaid by the UPDATE statements (must be produced before the initial updates) DB2 Optimizer "Hints" Starting with DB2 Version 6, it is possible to use optimizer "hints" to achieve more control over the access paths chosen by DB2.

The program issues a PREPARE statement before executing dynamic SQL (with the exception of EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, which implicitly prepares SQL statements). PREPARE verifies, validates, and determines access paths dynamically. A program containing dynamic SQL statements still must be bound into an application plan or package. The plan or package, however, does not contain access paths for the dynamic SQL statements. DB2 provides four classes of dynamic SQL: EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, non-SELECT PREPARE, and EXECUTE, fixed-list SELECT, and varying-list SELECT.

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