Community Education for Social Justice by Cameron White (eds.)

Community Education for Social Justice by Cameron White (eds.)

By Cameron White (eds.)

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This is done through the development of strong student-teacher relationships. The lack of community experienced within my large urban high school is consistent with societal trends that note a decline in community development, resulting in a lack of investment in schooling by students, particularly those who are the most at risk. Teachers can begin to develop communities within their schools by engaging their students culturally and caring for them or loving them so that a learning community is established.

They seemed eager to receive us and opened the facility up to allow for the bingo night we had planned. The next step was planning and funding the event. Little did we know how involved this project would be. In designing bingo night we knew that we would need bingo equipment, food for the participants, and some sort of parting gift for the residents. Since Bingo Night was suggested as a way to help the community, we thought they had bingo equipment on hand. Much to our surprise, this was not the case.

K. LESCURE & C. YAMAN [Place-based] education has the potential to significantly improve the public education system. Many of the goals championed by education reform, such as the need to strengthen interdisciplinary teaching and critical-thinking and problem-solving sills – can be effectively accomplished using [place-based] education as a vehicle . . [Place-based] education, by its nature, draws on and impacts many disciplines, such as science, math, history, and political science. It also is readily identifiable as a critical component of citizenship education, science literacy, and career development .

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