Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority by John McWhorter

Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority by John McWhorter

By John McWhorter

Making a choice on up the place the bestselling wasting the Race left off, this penetrating and profound number of essays via the arguable philosopher and passionate recommend for racial enlightenment and success explores what it capacity to be black in the USA this present day. in line with the writer, approximately 40 years after the Civil Rights Act, African-Americans during this state nonetheless stay "a race apart." He feels that glossy black american citizens have internalized a tacit message: "authentically black" humans pressure initiative in deepest yet cloak the race in victimhood in public as a way to safeguard black humans from an ever-looming white backlash. He phrases this the "New Double attention" in homage to W.E.B. DuBois' description of a distinct type of double realization in blacks a century in the past. inside this context McWhorter takes the reader on a guided journey throughout the race matters dominant in our second: racial profiling, getting previous race, the reparations flow, black stereotypes in movie and tv, hip-hop, variety, affirmative motion, the be aware nigger, and Cornel West's resignation from Harvard. together with his fierce intelligence and fervent eloquence, McWhorter makes a strong case for the development of real racial equality. A well timed and critical paintings approximately concerns that has to be addressed by means of blacks and whites alike, Authentically Black is a publication for american citizens of each racial, social, political, and fiscal persuasion.

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The victimfocused self-image, like so many that are most damaging, reigns tacitly. ” A scattering of audience members chimed in with “mm-hmm”s. This was 1998, and thus the man was unlikely to be denied employment, education, patronage of a business establishment, or (in the Bay Area, at least) even the love of many white women if he desired it. He also gave all indication of being overall a confident, type-A sort of guy. The indignity he was referring to, essentially, was mistreatment by the police—say, the night when he was driving to meet some friends at a nightclub and was stopped and forced to endure a frisking because there was a report of a drug dealer lurking in the neighborhood.

The 22 ■ AU T H E N T I C A L LY B L AC K idea was that with these concrete barriers eliminated, black Americans would make their way to the mountaintop even in a less than ideal world. Since then, however, the new assumption has been that our job is to eradicate not discrimination but “racism”—how whites feel about us—regardless of whether or not there are discriminatory laws on the books. You know, that “racism” we can tar whites for and leave them with nothing to say. While we walk away feeling triumphant—sweet solace for a people with our history.

To wit: focusing on young black men in working against the drug trade in ghettos is not, in itself, a racist act. This does not mean that all is well between blacks and the law. But it does mean that we cannot defend the New Double Con- 30 ■ AU T H E N T I C A L LY B L AC K sciousness on the basis of racial profiling. We sabotage ourselves to assume that we must keep whitey on his toes because of Rodney King, because if there were no profiling at all, Rodney King’s aunt might get shot while out buying groceries.

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