Atlas of Histology with Functional and Clinical Correlations by Dongmei Cui MS, William Daley MD, Jonathan D. Fratkin MD,

Atlas of Histology with Functional and Clinical Correlations by Dongmei Cui MS, William Daley MD, Jonathan D. Fratkin MD,

By Dongmei Cui MS, William Daley MD, Jonathan D. Fratkin MD, Duane E. Haines PhD, James C. Lynch PhD, John P. Naftel PhD, Gongchao Yang MD

A finished histology atlas...with EXTRAS! the original Atlas of Histology with practical and scientific Correlations covers primary histology issues, integrates this crucial details with medical concerns, and offers a number of possibilities for pupil evaluate. Explanatory textual content in every one bankruptcy combines with accelerated determine legends to supply an atlas that could really be learn.

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A representation of simple squamous epithelium, artery endothelium. These endothelial cells are flattened and elongated, oriented parallel to the direction of blood flow, and rest on a basement membrane. The cells and basement membrane are linked by junctions called hemidesmosomes. Beneath the basement membrane is a subendothelial layer of connective tissue. The wavy structure is called the internal elastic lamina. The endothelium, subendothelial connective tissue, and the internal elastic lamina comprise the tunica intima.

However, gap junctions are not present in skeletal muscle, blood cells, and spermatozoa. Specializations of the Basal Surface (Basal Domain) Epithelial cells rest on a basement membrane, consisting of a basal lamina and a reticular lamina, which provide an underlying foundation for the cells (Figs. 3-2B and 3-8B). The term “basement membrane” is used in light microscopy observation, although the basement membrane is often difficult to visualize with the light microscope. The terms “basal lamina” and “reticular lamina” are ultrastructural terms and refer to features that require electron microscopy to be seen (see Fig.

The cells often have smooth apical surfaces and form barriers and ducts. STRATIFIED COLUMNAR EPITHELIUM is also composed of two or three layers of cells. The top layer is columnar in shape and the basal layer is usually cuboidal in shape (Figs. 3-1B and 3-16A,B). This is not a common type of epithelium and has 28 UNIT 2 ■ Basic Tissues a very limited distribution. Occasionally, it can be found in the conjunctiva of the eye and in some large ducts of the exocrine glands. TRANSITIONAL EPITHELIUM is stratified epithelium, often referred to as urothelium, which lines the excretory channels leading from the kidney (renal calyces, ureters, bladder, and proximal segment of the urethra).

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