A Mosaic of Believers: Diversity and Innovation in a by Gerardo Marti

A Mosaic of Believers: Diversity and Innovation in a by Gerardo Marti

By Gerardo Marti

This ebook does a masterful task of piecing aside Mosaic, the way it is based and the way it operates. It presents evidence and targeted insights behind the curtain and provides the reader what he must comprehend variety in an area church that's impacting the realm.

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Forty percent of all Americans meet regularly in a small group, from AA to Bible studies (Wuthnow, 1994:314). And according to the Barna Research Group (2004), 20 percent of adults nationwide attend a specifically Christian small group that meets weekly for Bible study, prayer, or fellowship. Small groups are usually led by laypeople and are likely to remain an important strategy for church growth and assimilation. Mosaic has several dozen small groups within its structure. There are two main types.

The sum total of these reconstructions is an innovating Christian community that provides multiple spaces of inclusion and gives a new praxis for an emerging generation of followers of Jesus Christ. This first chapter describes several characteristics, including multiethnicity, which make Mosaic an important site for research. Chapter 2 provides an oral history of Mosaic and gives a glimpse into its current atmosphere. Chapter 3 describes the prominent role of Mosaic’s lead pastor, Erwin McManus, in shaping the current ideological framework within the church.

Perhaps the most interesting are those that emphasize [ 25 ] a mosaic of believers the diversity of the first Christian communities (R. Brown, 1984, 1979; Bruce, 1985, 1979; E. Jones, 1970; Kee, 1995; LaGrand, 1995). Recent theological works incorporate postmodern conceptions of identity and power in discussing the marginality of ethnic groups (Lee, 1995) and the interaction of exclusion and embrace within Christian communities (Volf, 1996). Constructions of multiculturally based theologies help shape a multicultural ecclesiology to produce a vision of how the Christian church can become integrated in the future.

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